Gestix 5.5.3 changes log

Release History (up to date)

Changes log and improvements made over time indicating the software version in which it occurred.

Highlight for POS – Touch a Sale with all the functionality for Touch or Mouse, tablet, etc.

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Gestix 5.5.3 ERP+CRM

  • Return memo obtained the value of the customer’s price list and not the value of the source document [5.5.3]
  • Search Article in several series in the menu Purchasing / Billing, etc. [5.5.3]
  • Do not allow delete invoiced contracts unless closed [5.5.3]
  • Show balance in SAF-T menu vs Invoicing Fiscal Report Listing [5.5.3]
  • Make PL / GT from order * without closing (* Proposal / Quote, Estimate) [5.5.3]
  • Enable saving Order as a draft document [5.5.3]
  • Picking list no prices – check Shipping & Handling amount is hidden as well [5.5.3]
  • AT ID / Código AT print in same font as the Shipping details [5.5.3]
  • Generation of ATM references and other means of electronic payment [5.5.3]
  • Assign Tax Exemption Reason automatically on Document Import (add option) [5.5.3]
  • Automatic Billing Per Document with 0% VAT assuming pre-defined reason [5.5.3]
  • Simplified invoice up to 100 euros or 1000 in case of Retailer / V. Ambulante [5.5.3]
  • Invoice in foreign currency: always include countervalue Base Currency [5.5.3]
  • Contract billing – pending invoice – Calculate Due Date accordingly [5.5.3]
  • Order of Proposta/Quote respect Seller and Project [5.5.3]
  • The link to the invoice receipt in the document status window would open the invoice instead of the receipt [5.5.2]
  • Point of Sales / Till system – search item by Description/Family [5.5.1]
  • Credit memo without Invoice invalid for SAF-T – idem Receipt without Invoice [5.5.1]
  • Warn user before closing window during document edit [5.5.1]
  • List customers with VAT ID information. Exclude customers with empty VAT ID field. List alphabetically (By ID checked) and by VAT ID number (By ID unchecked) [5.3.2]
  • Nova versão [5.2.5]
  • Enable task management in suppliers and salespersons (Corporate) [5.2.4]
  • Kit/Package – show net prices in articles listing [5.2.4]
  • Adding kit/package to document looses prices when edited [5.2.4]
  • Não é permitida a edição de dados de documentos fechados ou anulados [5.2.4]
  • Option to disallow users from entering duplicate barcode items. Barcode fields repositioned for easier access. [5.2.4]
  • New Inventory by Date in Gestix Business 5.3 [5.2.4]
  • New possibility, create invoice from a void one [5.2.4]
  • New Gestix Bill a free invoicing application for up to 60 kEUR billing volume, on demand technical support by Help Desk service [5.2.3]
  • It was possible to edit stock transactions even when involving Batch Numbers, yielding wrong item stock – fixed [5.2.2]
  • Invalid Min.Qty warning in Invoice when Article’s minimum sale quantity not zero [5.2.2]
  • Set VAT Reasons using Gestix API: dci_reason_N now available [5.2.2]
  • The carrier defined in the order was not preserved when converting to Invoice [5.2.2]
  • Avoid accepting duplicate batch numbers in sales to prevent breaking the available stock [5.2.2]
  • New standard VAT Exemptions Table (for SAF-T enabled countries, shows exemptions reasons in invoice’s notes/comments and SAF-T file) [5.2.2]

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