Gestix 5.2 Billing Software Update

A new update, Gestix 5.2 is being released.

This update introduces the table of standard VAT exemption reasons, as recommended by the Tax Authority. It also includes several enhancements and fixes relative to version 5.1.

If you use Gestix Cloud, the update is automatic. It appears information to the user that it had an effect, and no need to do anything else.

If you use Gestix Download, running on your computer, and have the updates plan on time, you can download the software update from the location:

The new Table Normalized VAT Exceptions can be accessed in the Admin / VAT rates menu. When invoicing with VAT exemption will now be available the codes in this list. You find in this menu the ability to edit the list to remove the options possibly not necessary in the case of your company.

In countries where it is not compulsory to use certified billing software, the new version does not require changes to the VAT table. However, it offers a new security option to give more freedom to editing invoices and other documents after recorded, as in earlier versions of Gestix prior to the 2008-2010 certification.

Gestix 5.2 (fiscal update, release 1, 2016)

  • New standard VAT Exemptions Table (for SAF-T enabled countries, shows exemptions reasons in invoice’s notes/comments and SAF-T file) [5.2.2]
  • Group VAT exemption reasons by reason and display then in the invoice’s Notes/comments area [5.2]
  • Set VAT Reasons using Gestix API: dci_reason_N now available [5.2.2]
  • Manage Batch Quantity by warehouse (same batch ID in different warehouses) [5.2.2]
  • It was possible to edit stock transactions even when involving Batch Numbers, yielding wrong item stock – fixed [5.2.2]
  • Corrected problem in sending supplier purchase orders by email  [5.1.13]
  • Fixed issue where the amount in words on invoices / receipts appeared with parts in English [5.2]
  • Billing contracts / recurrent Billing: option expiration date corresponds to the date of the contract renewal limit (Use data de vencimento do contrato) [5.2]
  • The conversion of orders into invoices was corrected problem in the currency could be changed for that was set in the client file [5.2]
  • Gestix API Improved handling of multiple shipping addresses for recurring customers [5.2]
  • Gestix API Improved to handle different VAT Exemptions for products and shipping [5.2]
  • Automatic notification of transport documents by AT Webservice [5.1.12]
  • The carrier defined in the order was not preserved when converting to Invoice [5.2.2]
  • Invalid Min.Qty warning in Invoice when Article’s minimum sale quantity not zero [5.2.2]
  • New function to duplicate article records and general tables records on new Gestix Enterprise [5.1.12]
  • New function to set Measurement Units and remove invalid chars from articles [5.1.12]
  • Inventory CSV small corrections, old versions [5.1.11]
  • Recalculate due date according to customer’s payment terms when changing invoice date [5.1.11]
  • Web Service AT – improvement of diagnostic messages [5.1.12]
  • Contract billing – optionally make the due date follow the first date of the billing period. Configurable from parameters usr_ctfduedt [5.1.12]
  • Webservice AT: in case of wrong password webservice returns error 99 and Gestix now transmits this message clearly to the operator [5.1.12]
  • Enable companies based in countries where it is not compulsory digital signature to enable editing invoices [5.1.12]
  • Print invoices in batches to print only the original or a duplicate (selectable) [5.1.15]
  • Allow import documents generated under other than digitally signs for intermediate document type order or similar  [5.1.12]
  • Corrected problem that could forget the default VAT after editing Admin / TA Credentials [5.1.12]
  • Corrected issue: Assigning the batch number’s Production Date is always forgot [5.1.15]
  • In calculating the Cost Average Price, option for dilution of expenses by amount or quantity [5.1.14]
  • Print 2nd copy with explicit indication on every page of the invoice or at the end bottom of the same [5.1.15]
  • Avoid accepting duplicate batch numbers in sales to prevent breaking the available stock [5.2.2]
  • Salespersons listings and reports by Geographic Area [5.1.11]
  • Allow Close Orders to users that can change and delete [5.2.1]
  • Allow the operator to define the default warehouse, in the multi-store menu, that will be used in data import operations  [5.2.1]
  • Enable Stock Release and Stock Reception memos to print price information [5.1.13]
  • Warehouse reports where corrected regarding a problem when only one warehouse was selected [5.1.13]
  • Optional dilution of shipping cost calculation by item quantity instead of item amount [5.1.13]
  • security option to just letting register invoices and overall sales of products in stock. Services and text with price are not allowed [5.1.13]
  • New configuration option to forbid sales of items not in stock, like services and others. [5.1.13]
  • The Use due date option in the Report Customer Debt by Age was not working correctly [5.1.13]
  • Corrected the customer totals in the CSV Report Customer Debt by Age [5.1.15]
  • When multiple currencies involved, show the invoice total in both EURO and GBP (or any other currencies)  [5.1.13]
  • Corporate: Discount by customer and product category – multiple discount columns [5.1.15]
  • Corrected: Initial Balance is not handled properly when paid in part: it would not allow another payment [5.1.12]
  • Improving efficiency in the Transport Document Transmission AT Webservice [5.1.15]
  • Corrected a problem when sending a document by email, only the duplicate was sent [5.1.15]
  • Corrected a problem that prevented configuration of the LDAP Directory system for user authentication [5.1.15]
  • Make the due date editable in open invoices [5.1.12]
  • Corrected transitory problem that required the operator to enter the item quantity manually in the Point of Sales menu [5.1.15]
  • Corrected problem that prevented access to the function to change the VAT for multiple items [5.2]


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