Can’t remember my Gestix password – how to recover it?

If you are using Gestix Cloud or Gestix SaaS, over the Internet, then you just have to contact the technical support by email and make your request (

Recover password on a Gestix Download installation.

Since the software is installed on your computer, the recovery has to be performed from the operating system command line.

Open Finder / Applications / Terminal and issue the following command:

/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql -u gestix gnet_db --execute="Insert into sys_users (usr_name,usr_code,usr_pw,usr_disabled,usr_priv) VALUES ('temporario','temporario','[ana[',0,1);"

Then enter in Gestix using the following information:

Login: temporario
Password: civic

Then you should go to the Admin | Users menu and change your password. Delete the temporario user account when done.

For personal support from our engineers please check our help desk service